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Capital Improvements at Farmington Square Medford


Farmington Square Medford Memory Care is proud to announce several exciting capital improvements designed to enhance resident comfort, minimize the community's environmental impact, and create a more welcoming atmosphere.

“These upgrades reflect our dedication to continuous improvement and creating a thriving community for our residents,” says Joni Shale, Executive Director of Farmington Square Medford Memory Care.


The improvements include:

  1. Energy-Efficient Windows: Upgrading existing windows to more efficient models will improve resident comfort by better regulating temperature and reducing noise. This will also contribute to a smaller environmental footprint by lowering energy consumption.

  1. Elegant Chandeliers: Replacing skylights with beautiful chandeliers will create a warmer and more inviting atmosphere for residents and their families.

  1. Re-surfaced Parking Lot: A newly surfaced parking lot will provide a safer and more aesthetically pleasing entryway for residents, families, and visitors.

  1. Fresh Bark Mulch: The addition of fresh bark mulch will enhance the natural beauty of the community grounds.

Farmington Square Medford Memory Care is committed to maintaining a high standard of excellence, and these capital improvements are a testament to that ongoing dedication.


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